Environment, Health & Safety

In partnership with EQT Corporation, we manage and operate our assets in a manner consistent with EQT’s values in order to protect the environment and maintain the health and safety of the public.  We not only meet federal, state and local regulations that govern air emissions, wastewater discharges and mitigation practices, but often exceed them. 

Mitigating Environmental Impact

As our business expands, we routinely assess the potential environmental impacts of our operations and implement best management practices to minimize these impacts. This process also provides community leaders and other interested stakeholders the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions.


Building Relationships with Environmental Groups

To protect and enhance the environment, EQT has collaborated with the Wildlife Habitat Council, a non-profit environmental organization, to establish best management practices for our pipeline construction, designed to blend our projects naturally into the environment.


Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

We are dedicated to personal and process safety and committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees. We promote a culture of safety by recognizing excellence in safety performance while aggressively addressing opportunities for improvement. In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable laws and regulations, the company has developed detailed procedures for the safe use of company equipment and provides extensive training to company employees regarding best practices to ensure that their work environment remains safe for themselves, their co-workers and the community at large.


Our Safety Record

We routinely inspect all of our locations for compliance with environmental and safety regulations, and our workplace safety suggests that our efforts are working. In 2016, EQT’s Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate dropped from 0.36 to 0.3 incidents per every 200,000 person-hours worked. This was our tenth consecutive year with an  LTA rate less than 0.50.


Vehicle safety continues to be an important component of our safety program. Our 2014 Preventable Vehicle Accident rate of 1.45 dropped to 0.94 in 2015, and dropped again to 0.85 in 2016.


Pipeline Safety

There are more than two million miles of pipelines in America. EQT and EQT Midstream Partners have a strong record of pipeline safety. We are continually building new, more technologically advanced pipelines that offer improved safety features. We also constantly monitor our pipeline systems, looking for any possible problems. Our team prepares and trains for natural disasters and emergencies, working in conjunction with area first responders and even Homeland Security. And finally, we maintain clear rights-of-way above many of our underground pipelines for safety reasons so that we can have unlimited access for routine maintenance and in times of emergencies.